Waitin' On A Woman

24 July 2008
I love Brad Paisley. What's not to love? He is handsome, is amazing with a guitar, is a terrific singer, and writes the kind of songs that melt a girl's heart. His songs make me think, "Gosh I hope that's the kind of love Dan has for me". He is one of my favorite male artist.

Although I love country music, I rarely watch music videos. I'm not sure why, I just don't. I just happened to catch the video for Waitin' On A Woman the other day and I just loved it! It's a very emotional video for me, I needed a hankie, although it isn't sad. The best part is, it has Andy Griffith in it! I hadn't seen him in anything in years, so I loved it! If you are a country music fan, I urge you to go here and check it out. It's a great song.

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