Why I Love Blog Carnivals

29 July 2008
I just love blog carnivals! New blogs, new friends, fun & prizes! What's not to love?

I don't blog hop regularly. I have a handful of blogs I read and that's it. I love carnivals because I get to discover blogs I never would have found otherwise. Some of my favorite reads are blogs I found via carnival. So far I've already discovered a few that I know are going to be lasting favorites through the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival.

I love making new friends. Honestly, I was amazed at the amount of online pals I made when I started blogging. It has been great for me, as I know very few people in the town we've moved to. I literally leave my house once a week to grocery shop, so I am sort of friend deprived. Online pals keep me from losing my mind. I've learned things from others, gotten great ideas, been given great advice, found outstanding recipes, and have found lifelong friends via blogging. I hope I meet some great new buddies during this carnival!

Then there is just the fun aspect of it all. Who doesn't love prizes? I love that anticipation feeling you get when entering giveaways. It's so fun and sure beats housework!

I am also thrilled to be finding so many mom ran businesses. I have vowed to buy as many handmade things as possible as Christmas gifts. I like the idea of helping mom run businesses as well as handmade things just rock! Homemade things are generally much more thoughtful than random "stuff". I love the sentimental aspect and the fun of browsing for that perfect gift for each person.I have found several gifts I plan to buy already, thanks to this carnival.

So, my house will be a mess and Ashley will probably play too many video games, but that's okay. Mom can goof off every once in awhile right? Plus, I might actually win something this time around. But, even if I don't, I'll have some great new blogs to follow and just maybe a few new friends.