The Cost of Child Care

06 September 2008
Since I've recently started providing child care in my home again I've been thinking a lot about what it cost. One family I provide care for has three kids - an infant, a preschooler, and a first grader. The family brings home about $2,000 monthly, but of course has to pay bills. I've checked prices around here and it would cost them a LOT to put these kids in any center or child care home in our town. So much so that I do not understand how people can afford child care. Add to that the fact that both parents work weird hours, so early mornings, nights, and weekends are all times they sometimes need care. I work these oddball hours at a very low rate because no one else is available and we are friends. But honestly, how do folks work and bring home enough money to pay the bills and cover child care cost? The past month has made me very thankful that I am able to stay at home. We make plenty of sacrifices to make it work, but for us it is worth it. I am very curious as to what ya'll pay or earn for child care in you area. How do you working parents do it? I salute you!

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Becky said...

We too make sacrifices for me to be home and I wouldn't not make them!! Childcare is outragious!! I'm sure you are a tremendous blessing to these friends of yours!!
Fortunately, I have my part time job at our church's preschool and I do not have to pay tuition for my daughter to go with me. I make our 'extra' money that way.
I don't know how many people do it either, especially if the don't make more than what you mentioned!