Neighbor Helping Neighbor

08 October 2008
This week we are trying something different. We are combining the resources of our household with those of our dear neighbors at dinner time. I am loving it because we have no stove, so all my cooking has been done via crock pot, electric griddle, and fry daddy. Plus, I really love cooking, which Lenore does not, and have missed it. So, we combine our resources to make a really good meal, rather than two so-so meals. If we don't want to eat together, we divide the food and I bring our part home. We are two low income families, so this arrangement really helps us both stretch our grocery budgets.

I believe that with the current economic crisis, we will see more of this type of thing. I was reading an article about the great depression last night and they had interviewed a man who had lived through the great depression. He talked about how you made your friends your family and neighbors pulled together to help each other survive. It was pretty interesting, especially considering what Lenore had posted yesterday morning. She wasn't necessarily talking about economics, but I found it to be an amusing coincidence. Maybe some of the only good to come out of the current state of things will be to bring friends and family closer together.

I am curious as to what your families are doing to survive these tough times. Have you cut back your spending, given up your morning Starbucks, started clipping coupons? Please leave me some comments! I think we can all use all the frugal ideas we can get!


Unknown said...

That's interesting: combining resources with your neighbors. I hope it goes well! Things are so hard on everyone right now. Our lives haven't changed much though. I'm a single parent so I'm used to being frugal.LOL

lynette355 said...

Nessa, Thanks for the wonderful meals the last two nights. Oh yummy! And I am sure we will have the scroge nights some too. Looking forward to tonight. I was thinking, I have a corned beef in my freezer and some saurquart in the pantry? Are you interested?
And maybe next weekend it could be the guys turn to grill?
Sounds good to me!

Home as Hobby said...

What a fantastic idea! I would love some really good crock pot recipes!