Stinky Feet

03 October 2008
Tristen is going to just love me for writing about this, but I'm sure I am not the only mom with this problem. His soon to be 12 year old feet stink. I mean they smell really bad. They are gross. Anyway, it seems to be a boy thing. I've talked to several other moms and read a lot on line, so I'd like to share what I've discovered.

Number one, everything I've read and everyone I've talked to about this has said to get him into sneakers made from natural, breathable materials. The man made materials seem to trap moisture and harbor odor causing bacteria.

-This honestly got me to thinking about Alyssa's post on when it is worth it to buy a more expensive item. No, she wasn't writing about stinky boy feet! She talks about the benefits of buying higher end sun glasses vs. being frugal and buying cheap. Now for me, any pair of sunglasses I buy will end up lost or sat on, no matter what I paid for them. But, I'd rather spend more money on some nice leather sneaks that will let Tristen's feet breathe and probably last awhile longer than the synthetic, plasticy cheapies we've been buying him. So, cheaper isn't always the more frugal way to go. It depends on the situation.-

Okay, back to feet discussion. I've also gotten lots of advice on how to battle the odors. Baking soda, baby powder, foot powder, deodorant spray, and odor eater insoles have all been suggested for use in the shoes, in his socks, on his feet. Soaking in brewed tea, vinegar, or baking soda has been suggested. Rubbing liberally with tea tree oil was advised as well. As far as fighting odors in the shoes, everything from Fabreeze to shoving crumpled up newspapers in his sneakers at night has been suggested. I've been given lots of information, so I'm unsure where to start.
I've decided to experiment to see what works best. If at all possible we will buy a pair of "breathable" sneakers this weekend. He will alternate between pairs he wears everyday, so each pair will have a full 24 hours to dry before being worn again. He will change out of sneakers as soon as he comes home and will just wear a clean pair of cotton socks. I'm hoping the afternoon sock change will help keep moisture away from his feet. Lastly, I think we will add foot powder to his routine. We will try this plan for two weeks and see how it goes. I'll keep you updated about how it's going.

I'd love to hear from all you wise moms out there. Do your boys have stinky feet? How do you handle it? Any good air freshener you suggest? Please leave any input in the comments section.

Y'all have a fantastic weekend!

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Wep said...

My dad has the WORST stinky feet. The smell of stinky feet still reminds me of him ;)

Good luck :)