10 October 2008
I am so aggravated at Pay Pal right now! I've been selling a few things here and there on Ebay lately. All my feedback is positive. Pay Pal apparently automatically holds money from some Ebay transactions. I understand this and agree there should be things like this to protect the buyer. My issue is my funds are never released when Pay Pal says they will be. The package can be confirmed delivered, the buyer can leave positive feedback, but still the funds are on hold. I've spoken to their customer service three times this week and cannot get a straight answer. I have no problem with them holding the funds until the item is received and feedback left, but I don't understand why I can't have the money if the customer has the item and is happy! Sometimes my Ebay profits are the only way we can fill up the gas tank. Not only are the profits held up, but I'm out the upfront cost of shipping the stuff. They can keep your money on hold for up to 21 days! It frustrates me because although Ebay is a good way for us to make extra money when things are tight, you have to be able to ship stuff on your own in case they hold the transaction. This sure makes things hard at times. It already takes a few days to get the money from Ebay to the bank. Why do they have to tie up my funds longer than necessary? Plus, why are only some of my transactions held and others go through fine? I just don't understand! Okay, rant over now.


Stephanie said...

I know EXACTLY where you are coming from! I can not tell you the problems that I have had out of paypal. I have always been able to make a payment, but it takes forever to recieve the payment - and I have to front the shipping expense which is hard for me. Every $ out of my pocket is gas money or grocery money.
I used Ebay quite a bit at one time, but started looking for other avenues of income because of my frustration. I felt like the buyers rights always outweigh the sellers. I have trouble getting my money, but never giving. I faced a situation after seven years of having a 100% rating. I ended up running into a raving lunatic. Within an hour of her bidding I had given her her money back fully refunded. She cursed me and called me some of the foulest names because I could not get her package in the mail same day. I immediately refunded her money. She left negative feedback in my feedback and said she never got her money. She accused me of stealing and being a psyho. She called me a psycho because I was being so nice. I was "turning the other cheek". The last thing I responded to her was that her fould mouth made me sad, and that all her money had been fully refunded. That is the most cross thing that I ever said. I reported her emails and stuff to Ebay. They said they could see what I was dealing with and they were sorry, but the only way to have feedback removed is to have the buyer and seller agree to it. WHAT? So between Paypal issues, and Ebay I just don't think very highly of them. I use them from time to time for a little extra money, but I can say... it is only for stuff I know will bring a big lot of money... like the box of Ralph Lauren baby clothes that my little one has outgrown. I make it worth my headache! ;)

Scarlet O'Kara said...

I have sold a few things on e-bay, but have been tossing around the idea of selling more. This would really bother me too!

lynette355 said...

I am going to miss you today. Already feels like your my family!
Mom not going so check in on her for me please. And have a good Saturday.
Time to get off my arse and start making tea for today so we can leave by 7 a m.