I'm Not Dead, I Promise

03 December 2008
Well, considering the amount of email I've gotten lately, I figured I should pop on here and reassure you all that I'm not dead. I promise I will get around to answering all your emails ASAP.

The kids were out the entire week of Thanksgiving, so that threw me off a bit. I did enjoy the extra time with them though. Thay are growing so very fast! Tris will be a teenager this time next year, eek! Anyway, the holiday got me off schedule. We did have a lovely Thanksgiving at the grandparent in laws, then had our own feast here with friends on Sunday. It seems the whole week was a blur of cleaning, cooking, playing, and visiting loved ones. Fun but tiring.

On tuesday morning I woke up with a raging fever and an absessed tooth. I am now on meds, and my fever is not spiking so high, but I am not feeling 100% yet. Hopefully I will soon. I have too much to do to be sick again. So, to the dentist I go on Monday morning, fun!

Dan put the tree up tonight. It is a $20 cheapo from Dollar General but sure beats no tree at all. I really wanted a real tree this year, but we could not find an affordable stand anywhere in this town. So, I hope to get one during an after Christmas sell and stash it for next year. He put it all together and got the lights on it. We will decorate it tomorrow night.

Ashley has UIL Music Memory competition tomorrow. She's been listening to her classical music selections for at least 6 weeks now. She is really nervous and my heart goes out to her. Nothing like those butterflies! Anyway, I hope she does well. We've told her over and over that we are just glad she made the team. That alone is a big accomplishment and we are very proud of her!

The weather is definitely getting colder. According to the National Weather Service the low tonight will be 32 with a high of 51 tomorrow. Tomorrow night's low will be 26 with a high Friday of 48. Burrrr! It'll be in the high 70s again in a few days I bet. Texas weather is just crazy!

So, I'm going to go hop under the electric blanket now. Y'all stay warm and I'll "see" ya in the morning!

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