The Joys of Remodeling/Redecorating

31 December 2008
Most of you know that we live in a house that has been in my family forever and is 80+ years old. We are completely remodeling it, slowly as we have the money and time to get thing done.

Recently Dan brought home a $300 dollar sink that was being discontinued, so he picked it up on clearance for $35. Gotta love a deal like that! Anyway, the sink sits in a box until we can find a suitable cabinet to put it in, or he can build one himself. Bathroom vanities, we've discovered can be quite pricey. But, these bathroom vanity sets are some of the best bargains we've found. I really like several of them and would have a hard time picking my favorite.

Our bedroom is a major source of frustration for me. It's a big room, but is is dark because the walls are covered with dark paneling and we have fairly dark hardwood floors. The furniture is a hand me down set from my brother in law, that is really beautiful. The problem is that the sleek, modern black lacquer does not really mesh with our country/western, more traditional decor. So a new bedroom set is high on my list of wants. Several of these sets of bedroom furniture would look great in our house. When you think about good quality furniture being a long term investment, the prices aren't bad. You can actually find some pretty great buys at, especially shopping during their sales. I'll have to make Dan browse the selections a bit.

The house will come together eventually I know. It's one of those slowly but surely type projects. The big pieces of the puzzle wait until we find them at an affordable price, so the little things get done faster. We've finally gotten a lot of painting done which has made a big difference! And I'm having no problem filling the place up with little things I love. It may not me remodeled the way I want it to be yet, but it has already become a home.

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lynette355 said...

a heart makes a home
and children clean it lol
bedroom dark hummm open the curtins and let the sun shine in
yall are doing amazing work.
how about doing the bathroom sink in a "barnwood" vanity.
would be a really good country look
i have ideas of where you can look for insperation