We Are Party Poopers

31 December 2008
That's right, party poopers. We had a New Year's Eve party and all our guests left by 9:45. The first two had to be at work early in the morning, and the other two are just not late night people. So, no problem, we still have each other. Dan has been playing on the Wii (gotta love those parents who like to spoil the grandkids) for the past hour, while I've cleaned up the party food. Now we are both struggling to stay awake until midnight. Maybe we should go buy a couple of rocking chairs now.

Seriously, once upon a time I looked forward to this night. Fix a fancy meal, have some friends over, entertain and enjoy. Tonight the only thing I "cooked" was artichoke dip and some frozen hot wings. Chips, dips, and such made up our fine dining menu. I wore sweats, no shoes, no make up, and my hair was in a giant clip. Has motherhood changed me that much? Am I really that frumpy of a housewife? Am I just old? What is wrong with me?

But, we did have a great time while it lasted. I got to use my awesome lazy susan Lenore gave me for my birthday, and I love it so! We all had fun with the Wii, adults and kiddos alike. It was very laid back, low key, and relaxing. Good friends are such a blessing and as always we enjoyed our time together.

So, now what to do for the rest of the night? Dan seems to think we should stay awake to see in the New Year. My thoughts are "okay if I can watch old Ghosthunters episodes online while we do it". I don't think he's moving from his recliner anytime soon anyway, so I guess we will each do our own thing. I may try to go steal a smooch at the stroke of 12. Exciting times around here, I tell you what!


lynette355 said...

Sorry we are party poopers!
But us Ol folks just can't hang with it any more. Sad that CG is almost 22 and can't do the midnight blast either. But as you see it is 5 a.m. and I am awake and doing.
We did have fun and again I am sorry we did not stay longer.

Meredith said...

I don't know about being a frumpy old housewife, but I struggled with the same thing New Years Eve. It was a chore to bake those mozzarella sticks and Little Smokies! Good thing I had made a fancy dessert in the morning or it wouldn't have seemed festive at all.

I think this stage of motherhood uses so much daily energy that there is little left for celebrations.