The Gift of Gift Cards

08 January 2009
The kids just went through the last round of opening presents, Christmas gifts sent back from their grandparents house. They were thrilled of course and I was glad to finally have the holidays behind us. As we were trying to find places to put all the new treasures they'd received, I found myself really taking stock of what our whole family had been given over the holidays. One of the most practical gifts any of us received were gift cards. I really like gift cards for a variety of reasons.

For us, gift cards usually allow Dan and I to go out to dinner somewhere we normally wouldn't, or buy ourselves a little something extra. Sometimes we use them to purchase something for the house, other times we use them to buy gasoline. You can get gift cards to so many places that their uses are quite varied!

I love it when the kids receive gift cards. There is something very nice about them being able to buy that thing they will just die without on their own. Plus, I really like that gift cards help teach about budgeting, making them really think about how they use the money on the cards. Ashley is such a hoot when it comes to this, she wants to stretch her gift cards as far as she can. She scored huge on bath, hair, and lip gloss gift sets during the after Christmas sales. She received gift cards for her birthday that she kept balances on for months because she refused to buy anything that was not on sale. She is so much like me! Tristen is also very wise about is gift card usage, he puts a lot of thought into what he purchases before he makes them. He very rarely buys something he doesn't truly love. For some reason my kids seem to put more value on things they've picked out themselves. I'm not sure why that is, but I'm all for them taking care of their belongings.

We will probably be giving gift cards a lot more this year. So many of our family members are hard to buy for, so gift cards are just perfect! Some people think they are impersonal, but I believe letting the recipient choose a gift they truly want is a great thing to do.

What do you think? Do you enjoy giving and/or receiving gift cards during the holidays? Do you find them impersonal or do you love them? I'd love to hear what y'all think!


Unknown said...

Gift cards are my favorite gift to recieve (besides books!)! I have one right now that I got on Christmas that I haven't been able to use yet!!

John said...

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