Hey Guys, We Like Flowers!

28 January 2009
It's almost Valentine's Day! One of those special occasions when Dan gets a lovely gift, then looks at me all panic stricken because he has forgotten to get me something. I shouldn't say that, he normally remembers a card at least. But this year I'm going to help him, and all the men like him out a little.

Guys, us ladies really like flowers! I personally love yellow roses, because they make me think of our great state. I also really enjoy daises because they just make me happy. Flowers make wonderful Valentine's Day gifts. As a full time homemaker, receiving a delivery of beautiful flowers would just make my day! I'm sure it would brighten the day of any special lady, whether a full time mom or a career woman. You pretty much cannot go wrong with flowers.

These florists offer a great selection of beautiful flowers. You can easily browse their site to find just the perfect gift. They have gorgeous flowers for all occasions, so keep them in mind at birthday and anniversary time as well. You can even have same day delivery, just in case that important say slipped your mind. So, if you want to score big brownie points with that special someone in your life, don't forget the flowers!

SAVING is good.

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