Little Miss Quirky

26 January 2009
Sometimes I cannot believe the things that happen around here. I never knew that kids could be such a hoot!

For example, Miss Ashley will not where jeans, and has refused to for months. Why you may ask? They touch her crotch. She will only wear knit pants, leggings, and sweats. Do0 you know how hard it is to make a girl look cute with such restrictions? What makes this even more amusing is that for years before this phase, Ashley was a total, jeans, western shirts, the whole deal. Talk about a complete turn around! Plus, my nine year old daughter is just plain strange about panties as well! She insists she needs to wear a size 14! If they actually fit her the way they should she freaks because, well they touch her crotch, which is apparently a really bad thing! Because she wears super huge granny panties, I am constantly either pulling up her pants or pulling down her shirts because you can see three inches of way too big panties peaking above her waistline! It's aggravating and quite comical at the same time! Even with all her quirks, I love this baby more than words can say! She is the sweetest little thing and I'm so blessed to have her in my life!

Speaking of Little Miss, she wants her hair cut and restyled. I'm all for this, as her hair is a constant source of aggravation for us both. She has no problem with her hair being in her face, which drives me crazy! She does not like brushing it or letting me do it, so she needs a low maintenance, cuter cut. Do any of y'all have any suggestions?

So, this was how our morning went. No jeans, grey knit pants instead, a quick brush of the hair, and off we go! I love Mondays as they give Mom some peace and quiet after the weekend, but I sure don't enjoy the Monday morning rush!

SAVING is good.

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Bekah said...

she may be quirky, but she is adorable! Im sorry..I have no hiar suggestions as mine is almost always a mess!