Monday, Again

19 January 2009
It's another Monday morning. Here is what's gone on so far.

DH was running late again. I wake him up the same time I always do, he just chooses to go back to sleep. He even slept through his morning breakfast in bed being delivered. Granted it was only cinnamon toast and Carnation Instant Breakfast, but it meets his morning breakfast requirement. So, he shot out of bed, hurriedly ate, got dressed , and dashed out the door. At some point during this madness we discussed whether or not we could file our income taxes ourselves or if we should go to a prep and filing service. We disagree on this one. He also left here with a wad of ECBs and detailed CVS instructions. He's going to do the Pepsi and Lays deal, it will be great for his lunches, and it's so simple he should be fine...I hope. He also gets to brave Walmart customer service as he has to return a late arriving Christmas gift. Walmart is not my favorite place, so I'm so glad he's doing this for me.

I woke up with crazy sinus/allergy stuff going on. My head is killing me and I can only breathe out of one side of my nose. I do not enjoy feeling all stuffy.

The children have school today, which just strikes me as odd. They were off last Monday for the stock show, but have to to school on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? It just seems wrong to me. Must be a small town thing?

Speaking of kiddos, I need to get mine up and going. Hope y'all have a wonderful Monday!

SAVING is good.


Anonymous said...

hehe. The sacred holiday here is the Friday of Fiesta Week. The day of the Battle of Flowers parade. Always the week around Apr 21. A couple of years ago, the school districts in this county got special dispensation to move TAKS testing dates.

If you grew up here, you might never question it.

In WV, where we lived before, the first day of hunting season was sacred.

lynette355 said...

Nessa, You got breakfast down him! YEAH.
I know odd here stock show but I am not big on the MLK day either. Or president's day. Odd one.

CG is going to an AG college and they do not have a stock show day off but do have MLK.

who knows!

50s Housewife said...

My kids are in school today too, but hubby is home. Stock show was Saturday.

I think the kids will be off for President's Day in February though.

ordinarymomss said...

My kids were off today as well as tommorow. YOU make him breakfast in bed? Is that every morning? HE should be serving you LOL.