Monday Funday - Movies, Cocoa, & Cooking

12 January 2009
Today the kiddos had no school due to the local stock show. They spent the evening entertaining themselves, in not the most appropriate ways I might add. I'll post about that one later.

Anyway, we did a couple of things for Monday Funday. We watched National Treasure, all snuggled up together under piles of blankets with hot cocoa. It was a lot of fun and the kids actually lasted through an entire movie without bickering.

Then both kids helped cook lunch. I am a firm believer that cooking is one of the most fun activities you can do with a child. They are learning, yet enjoying themselves, and making wonderful memories all at the same time.We should cook together more often.

So, we had a good Monday Funday. Click the button above to see what fun things other families do together.

SAVING is good.


lynette355 said...

I know that the kids enjoyed the time with you. And you can cook so good. Well not grey stuff. LOL

Lesley said...

I love that movie....and I think it's awesome you are cooking with your kiddos....stopping by with some SITS love

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy cooking too! I'd love to have you over to our Tasty Tuesday blog party one day! You can bring any post about food! Hope to see ya there! Oh, and I love your porch ideas! I have a metal firepit that I spray painted red!