Why Don't We Have One Of Those?

03 January 2009
Aren't cars fun? Our van broke down on Christmas Eve while Dan was driving to work. At first we thought it was going to be a relatively easy fix that would cost less than $100, but that was not the case. Now we are looking at between $1300 to $1500 worth of transmission work. Seeing as how we have no emergency fund, the van is just going to have to wait until we get our income tax return. Thankfully, our wonderful neighbors have loaned us their spare car so Dan can get to and from work.

This whole situation has really started me thinking about extended vehicle warranties. Did you know you can get those on cars up to 20 years old? I had no clue you could do that. Anyway, I do know that if we had a extended vehicle warranty, like those offered by us fidelis, this whole situation would've been taken care of so much easier. They offer free rental car and emergency towing, which would've saved us so much hassle. Plus they have all sorts of other benefits like free 24 hour roadside assistance, which is always nice to have. I highly suggest looking into extended warranty coverage for your vehicles.

The whole van incident has been quite a pain, but I suppose it could have been worse. We are so blessed to have such great neighbors and friends to help us out during this difficult situation. Hopefully we will be able to become a two car family in the not too distant future. Whenever we buy another car, we will be getting an extended warranty! In my opinion the peace of mind it would provide makes it worth it.


Scarlet O'Kara said...

My Jeep has been paid off for almost 6 years now and is over 10 years old. My husband's Volvo is 9 years old and totally paid off. We would like to get another 100K out of each vehicle...so this would be something to look into.

lynette355 said...

Oh how I love those "extended warrenties". I have received information about this in the mail. but I think I will go and check out
U S Fidelis instead.
That is a name I have heard of and would trust more.

Angi said...

After a decade in the automotive repair industry, I'd recommend an extended warranty to just about everyone, except perhaps for owners of Honda and Toyota cars. (SUVs always get my vote for extended warranties).

The key is to buy the right one. We put this article together to help our clients and consumers choose a warranty that will give them the best coverage: http://www.starautoauthority.com/services/extendedwarranty.asp. Like anything, you can spend a lot on poor quality warranties that exclude more than they cover.

I know a lot of consumer "advocates" say extended warranties aren't a good use of your money, but I see them pay off every day for our clients. Just take your time to research and compare different policies.

P.S. You'll benefit the most from a warranty if your regular auto repair shop routinely inspects your vehicle to identify developing issues. If your shop only addresses the problem(s) you're in for, you won't find the warranty as valuable -- but then again, you're vehicle's also going to be more prone to unexpected breakdowns.