A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes...

05 February 2009
I've always wanted to go to Walt Disney World. I think it would be incredible! We've talked about going for years, but wanted to wait until the kids were a bit older. After all, a trip like that is one we are not likely to make often, so we wanted them to be old enough to really enjoy themselves and get the full park experience. It would be awful to learn your family's one trip to Disney World happened when you were two and you spent the whole time in a stroller! I finally feel that the kids are old enough to enjoy an experience like a major theme park.

We've never been on a family vacation and Disney World is at the top of my "Want To" list. Dan and I would love it, the kids would love it, it would be great! Unfortunately, it's just not in the budget at the moment. It does give us something to save for though. And you can find Discount Disney World Tickets, so that really helps make things a little easier.I actually have a change jar that is labeled "Disney World Fund".

My ultimate dream is to renew our vows at Disney World. I want to be the princess and have my big day with my prince. I think it would be beautiful, romantic, and fun for everyone involved. But, that is a really big, out of this world time dream. Dan would freak out if I used the words "Disney World" and "renew our vows" in the same conversation. I guess big, fairytale weddings are much more a girl thing than a guy's!

Taking the kids for their birthdays would be awesome as well! Can you imagine the kind of impact that what make? What a memory! I am sure that would be a hard celebrations to top! From what I read, you can get some pretty cool perks when you visit Disney World on your birthday.

I really like that Disney World seems to offer a little something for everyone. Mom and Dad can find something they enjoy, so can Grandma and Grandpa. The kids of course would have plenty to keep them busy. Rides, things to see, shopping, eating...I'm sure you could easily spend a weekend there and not see everything. But, I'd try must best to fit it all in if I had the chance!

I'd love to hear from my readers who have been to Disney World. Was it an incredible experience? I can't wait to hear your Disney World stories!

SAVING is good.

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