Nadya Suleman Family Website - Mom of 14 is Asking for Doations Online!

11 February 2009
I've waited for awhile to comment on the California Octuplets, but after seeing this I decided to share my opinion.

Their mother, Nadya Suleman, has set up a website asking for donations for her children. This makes me so upset! She has said in an interview that she is not on welfare, yet she is receiving food stamps. In my mind, food stamps are welfare. She has no income, is in debt, supposedly disabled, lives with her parents, and already has six children, some of whom have special needs. How in the world is she going to raise 14 kids in those conditions? Especially considering that her parents, or at least her mother, are not being very supportive - at least that what I've read in numerous places.Don't even get me started on the fact that she's brought 14 children into the world who have no father! She choose to have these babies implanted, to bring children into the world, knowing she had no way to support them. I do not think the people of California should have to foot the bill. I also do not believe that people and companies should be expected to donate things to a woman who used such poor judgement. I sure won't be clicking that donate button!

I can only hope that the state of California is looking into the welfare of these 14 precious children, this woman's mental state and ability to parent, as well as the doctor who not only implanted so many embryos, but didn't talk her out of even trying to have single births so close together. She had a lot of babies in a very short period of time and that's just not healthy! My feelings are that someone has a lot of explaining to do, but I don't know how anyone could justify letting this happen. I understand that as an adult she can make her own choices, but surely there is a point at which someone steps in and brings to your attention how reckless and foolish your actions are.

The only good thing to be said about the Nadya Suleman Family website is that it does feature some nice pics of the babies. I could look at babies all day long! I was surprised that these eight little darlings are as big as they are and seem to be doing quite well. So, I clicked over, oohed and awed over the little ones, then clicked off the page. I have a sneaky suspicion that Ms. Suleman will not see the results she was hoping for from her website.

SAVING is good.

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Sunny said...

One gets the feeling that this young woman is expecting the celebrity status she knew she would get after having that litter of babies would support her! Her mother has supported her with the previous six children--she lives with her mother, in fact! I would have trouble being "supportive" if my daughter was living with me with her six kids, and then being impregnated with 8 more kids! She needs mental help, not media fawning. She expects the American people to support her and her brood financially. I for one have enough financial woes of my own. I'd rather my tax money not go to someone who shows such irresponsibility. My after tax money sure won't.
Really, we should stop making celebrities of people who have lots of babies at once. They are adding to the overpopulation problem we already have in this world. They don't deserve accolades. And this one especially doesn't!