These Kids Need An Angel

27 February 2009
A couple that I know is going through a divorce, with four sweet babies in the middle. It has been dragging on for months, getting meaner and dirtier all the time. It makes me so sad because I'm truly beginning to think that neither parent is thinking at all about the kids and what's best for them. What they want seems to be the priority. He doesn't want her to have them, and she doesn't want him to have them. Throw in a few grandparents, small town politics, and a friend of mom's who has basically moved in with dad, and you've got a real life soap opera. I've worried and prayed, had nightmares, been so stressed about this situation...and I don't even know these folks very well. But, I know the kids better than their parents and I care deeply for them. The deserve so much better than this. All these people fighting over what is best for the children supposedly, but the truth of the matter is they are all thinking solely of themselves.
These kids need a voice! I even looked into CASA, but that is for neglected, abused foster kids the best I can tell. I just pray that the judge involved can sort out what is truly best for the children and get this whole ordeal over with soon. My own opinion is a sad one, as in my mind neither parent offers the stable, loving, the "kids are the number one priority" type of environment they deserve. I wonder how often kids in these type of situations are used as weapons to hurt the spouses, pawns in a sad game, and fall through the cracks? It's such a shame.

So, please keep A., T., P., and P. in your prayers. These precious babies need all the prayer warriors they can get!


lynette355 said...

You are absolutely right! A, T, P & P are caught in the middle of this horrid situation. Prayers are needed. I fear where this is all going to end. For even when the divorce is final I do not see these parents will ever stop the fighting at all. Worst is I do not know of a workable solution for them either.

lynette355 said...

Hey I changed the way my comments are done. Maybe it will work better for you now. And Step and Chey may join us next weekend. Mary already gave the thumbs up!