How Do You Motivate Your Kids?

11 March 2009
Children are so different. Each is gifted in their own way and each has different weaknesses. Their uniqueness can cause challenges for Mom and Dad. How do you motivate your children?

Tristen is very social. He can charm anyone and has never met a stranger. Unfortunately, academics are not his strong suit. He is smart as a whip, it's just that he'd have to take time out of the big social event school is to apply himself to his studies. The problem is, it's very hard to motivate him to do so. No incentive we've ever tried has worked in the past.

Ashley is just the opposite. Studies are her strong suit. She walks in the door and immediately starts her homework, assuming she hasn't already completed it at school. Now, ask her to clean her room and all heck breaks loose! No amount of pleading, cajoling, and all right begging works with her. We've tried stickers, rewards, pretty much everything you can think of with little result.

Now we've found AlphaGrade. It is a tool to help parents encourage their kids to do better at school as well as it home. I don't know why this works better than just promising an allowance, or anything else we've tried, but it does. We all love to have goals and setting goals is just what this system does! When the goals are achieved the kiddos get their allowance. Simple enough, right? I'm telling you this really works! I encourage you to go check it out. The basic service is free, you can't beat that! It sure helped our kiddos get it together!

SAVING is good.

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amazing tool
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