I Am So Excited!

12 March 2009
I can't tell you how much fun I had entering all the awesome giveaways during the SITS Spring Fling! I had the best time, met some nice folks, found a number of new must reads, and I actually won stuff! Woo hoo! I hardly ever win anything, so I'm super excited!

I won this awesome shirt from Handbags & Handguns! Since the site it came from didn't carry size xx huge, Ashley is getting the shirt. She got to pick the color, saying, and graphic herself. She had a blast doing it and I think it looks great!

I was also the lucky winner of a "custom grabby button for your blog" from April Showers Blog Design. I am thrilled with this prize and plan to use it as soon as I have my new blog completely designed, up & running.

Thanks to these wonderful ladies and all of the great folks who took part in the SITS Spring Fling! There were so many great prizes to be had and great blogs to be discovered! That's why I love the blogathon type events so much, some of my favorite blogs have been found that way.

SAVING is good.


lynette355 said...

you go girl
so lucky

Dee said...

great shirt, congrats!