I Feel Pretty!

23 March 2009
A friend of mine recently had Breast Enlargement surgery. Nany is a very petite woman, who was naturally small chested. She says the surgery is the best thing she has ever spent money on. Nancy says she feels pretty for the very first time!

I do not need this type of surgery myself, but I can see that it definitely has some benefits. Having more self confidence is a great thing. As a mom, I know that sometimes breast shrink after child birth, so regaining your pre-baby shape would be a very positive thing. I sure wouldn't mind looking like I did before having children!

Although it is a very safe, simple procedure I would still have it done by the most reputable, experienced doctors I could find. My choice would be a place like Mya Cosmetic Surgery, a center with some of the most experienced surgeons in the world. After all, if you are going to pay for new breasts, you want them to be done by the best!

Have you considered having this type of procedure or any cosmetic surgery? What do you think about it?


Nessa said...

i have a pretty small chest(i havent had children yet either)..it suits my body and honestly i love it!! =)

Heather said...

I don't need a breast enhancement, for sure! (DDD here!) But I have 2 friends who had the procedure done in the last 2 years and both are ecstatically happy with their new found confidence. They didnt go over the top huge, just big enough to compliment their bodies and look "normal".

That said, if I had the $$, I sure wouldnt mind a little lipo here n there, a little nip n tuck in a few places (like all over, hehe).

I think as long as you are in the right mindset and are doing these things to make you feel better about yourself, and to make yourself happy, then go for it!

lynette355 said...

can we just pick mine up and put them back where they belong????????