I Want To Do This!

22 March 2009
I've always wanted to go on a really great vacation. We've never been on a vacation as a family. Something that has always appealed to me is the idea of going on something like Grand Cayman Island cruise tours and excursions. Grand Cayman Island is so beautiful, I just know my family would enjoy it there!

You can have a once in a lifetime experience on Grand Cayman, swimming with dolphins. This has been on my "bucket list" for years. The idea of touching, swimming, and interacting with these amazing creatures just thrills me! I think of it as a near magical adventure!

Ashley is also very excited by this idea. One of the little girls in her class has actually done this and even kissed a dolphin. After listening to Hailey's story, Ashley decided she needed to kiss a dolphin as well. I know this would thrill her beyond words!

Even the guys seem to think a vacation like this would be amazing. I don't know what appeals to them most; the adventure of swimming with dolphins, the beautiful waters of the island, or just the idea of traveling to an exciting location. Whatever it is, they think a trip like this would e a great experience for the entire family!

Has your family taken a really memorable vacation? I'd love to hear about it!

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