We Are Boot People

22 March 2009
Tristen just got a new pair of boots yesterday. They were a gift from my wonderful Nanny. She sent him a great pair of heavy duty Wolverine work boots to wear while he helps Dan with clearing the back part of our lot. I am so glad she did because there is so much brier and stuff back there, not to mention snakes. I am so glad he now has some footwear he can work in that keeps him safe too.

We are just a boot kind of family. Dan wears work boots to work everyday. Boots are my preferred foot wear and the easiest thing for me to find that actually fits. I have an extremely wide foot that is also seriously short, so finding any sort of shoe or boot that fits is usually quite challenging. Both of the kids love to wear boots as well, especially western style. Boots of all kinds are pretty much the most common foot ware around our community. I guess that is because we live in a rural, ranching community.

So, Tristen was thrilled with his new boots. He immediately laced them up and ran off to help his Daddy work. He loves being outside and helping Dan, so I'm sure he'll get a lot of use out of them.

SAVING is good.

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