Will Total Focus Work for Us?

17 March 2009
We are trying out the Total Focus program in an effort to better understand and handle Tristen's ADHD. I am hoping he will learn some skills that will help him function better at school and at home. As parents, we are hoping to learn ways to help Tristen cope and to interact better with him. I plan to post on every disc in the system, sort of a review as we go.

Tristen was diagnosed at four years old with ADHD and that began years of roller coaster emotions. He's been on more meds than you can shake a stick at. One made him hallucinate, one made him a zombie, he wouldn't eat, he couldn't sleep, or the meds were damaging his organs. I cannot tell you how many doctors we've seen in an effort to help him. I love his current doctor. She has had him off meds for two years for various reasons. He is doing okay in school, his grades are great, we just need to work on impulsiveness. She really feels that a no medication treatment is better for Tristen. She's the one with a degree, so this is what we are doing. THere are times that I think he needs to move in with her. But, now that we have all this preteen hormonal stuff going on, it's hard to know what is ADHD and what is raging hormones.

Parenting Tristen is a wild ride. He is very hard to discipline. Nothing seems to matter. If you ground him, he says "Okay" and truly seems to not care. He is extremely sensitive and will cry at the drop of a hat. One moment he wants to be treated more grown up, the next he wants to cuddle with you on the sofa. At times he seems completely incapable of following directions. As parents, it's so hard not to get discouraged. We were pretty much at the end of our rope!

Then we found Total Focus. The Parent's Audio Lesson is just what we needed to hear. It explains so much! For instance, I now know that Tristen is not thinking things through and then deciding to "be bad" because he's not thinking things through at all. It is full of wonderful information that helps explain how ADHD kids think and how they see things. It was very eye opening for us. This information has allowed me to rethink how I handle a lot of situations and to find different ways of going about things. Knowing what motivated the behavior has really helped. So, for all those other parents at their wit's end from dealing with ADHD, this program might be the answer for you. We are only one disc in and it's already helping our family.

SAVING is good.


Sam_I_am said...

I used to work as a Theraputic Support Staff person, which basically means I did in-home therapy with children with psychiatric disabilities like ADHD or Bipolar Disorder. The kids that did the best were the ones' whose parents were active in their treatment. Treatment starts at home, so kudos to you for being involved. Good luck! :-)

lynette355 said...

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Hope this programs gives you some answers.