Awesome Frugalness?

06 April 2009
Princess Ashley said the funniest thing over the weekend. We were at the grocery store, desperately trying to put together some good coupon deals in a store that is hard to do in. I was flipping through my binder when she said, "Mom, you've got frugalocity." Frugalocity? She explained that is the word for awesome frugalness. Interesting.

Anyway, it got me to thinking about how lately my frugalness is somewhat less than awesome. Frugal living is why I started Ramblings, yet after moving here to Podunk, I've focused on it much less. In these difficult economic times, I think I'd like to get back to sharing more about frugal living. I also need to rededicate myself to living frugally, as I've not been as strict about it recently as I need to be for the sake of our family.

So, what do y'all think? Would you be interested on future posts about how to live well on less? I'm interested in your feedback! :-)


Rhonda said...

I am sure interested in frugal posts!
I live in a smallish town where deals are hard to come by too, we do have Walgreens but no Kroger, CVS, RiteAid, Target - those great stores where other bloggers get such great deals.

I have to live frugal if I want to keep being a full time homemaker too. It takes lots of effort though.

Unknown said...

I love the frugal posts! keep them coming...I like the tips and great ideas, and reading how well other have done.