Games Mamas Play

15 April 2009
I have a confession to make. I am a Mom Gamer. My games of choice at the moment are The Sims 2 on pc and Rock Band 2 on the Wii. I love both these games and can get lost in them for hours. While I'm not the teenage boys you see chugging power drinks and staying up for 48 hours straight, I can play for quite awhile. It normally happens that I'll sit down to practice playing the bass on RB for just 15 minutes and the next thing I know it's two hours later. The Sims @ is the same way. Why is it so hard to limit myself when gaming.

I've been playing the Sims 2 for years. My little sister actually introduced me to Sims and the Sims 2. This game is hard for me to stop once I start for several reasons. The main problem is I always think I'll just decorate this house and then stop, but then I have to make sure the Sim functions well in the house, blah, blah, blah. Or, I'll just play until this baby is born, but then I have a burning desire to see if he grows into a cute toddler, and on and on it goes. The Sims 3 comes out in June. I must learn some self disciple before then or my house will be a disaster and my family will be living off peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

I am not as bad about losing myself during the day playing Rock Band 2. This is a game that we all play as a family, and only twice since we've owned it have I even turned it on when it was just me playing. The whole family loves this game and one night a week we all play together. We set goals and then go at it. A few nights a week Dan & I will play once the kiddos are asleep. The two of us are the worst about thinking we'll just play a three song set, but end up not stopping until we've completed all the gigs in a city. The worst part is that we think we've only been playing for a little while when we've been playing away hours. But, at least this game promotes team work and we are spending time together having fun!

What about y'all do any of you game? I desperately hope I'm not the only mom Sims 2 addict out there. If you do, what games are your favorites?


Unknown said...

I can't wait for Mel to get home from school today so we can turn on the Sims 2! Are you gonna get Sims 3 when it comes out in June? We can't wait!!!

I'm a Sims 2 fanatic and Mel and I love to play for hours at a time. I started him playing when he was only 7!

Crazee Juls said...

I ♥ Guitar Hero... Crazee love it. We also have rock band...but I hate getting all of the get out up... there are too many cords going all kind of drives me crazee! Anyway, We have Sims Castaway on Wii...and I spent a whole day trying to get off the stupid island... My only friends were monkeys... I needed a shower desperately, but I finally made a radio transmitter and got my A$$ off that island... That was the end of my stint @ playing Sims
We have over 100 Wii we get stuck on something for awhile...and then move onto something else... but my game of choice is Guitar Hero :)

Crazee Juls said...

Up there it's supposed to say I hate getting the get up out..not get out up.. HA HA!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Hehehe I recently reinstalled one of my former obsessions, Lords of the Realm II... ended up spending that whole evening on it. My boyfriend and I play old-school Mario regularly and I'm addicted to the game Topple on his iphone -- it's like tetris, only even better.

So yeah, I relate to your gaming tendencies. ;P