My Daughter's Beard

14 April 2009
Are mornings crazy at your house? They sure are around here. Thee is always something to be signed at the last minute, or the I forgot I need pencils statement, or some such nonsense. I live in a household full of poor planners, myself included.

Take for example yesterday morning. Ashley is in the bathtub at 6:50am when she announces that her oral presentation on Michael Angelo is due today. The one she has to dress up for. I was certain that no teacher would assign such a task over a long holiday weekend without sending home a reminder note, so I searched her back pack and found nothing. So, I went and dug through my desk until I found the original note that said yes indeed the day was today. Mom obviously dropped the ball on this one. So, I put Ashley in the closest thing we have to a peasant blouse, a pair of leggings, then draw a beard on her using various make ups. Yep, I dropped my daughter off at school wearing a beard.

When Ashley came home from school yesterday, her beard was washed away. And she had a note. The note said they had changed the presentations to Friday. My daughter went to school with a beard for no reason. The only highlight to this is that she wasn't the only child in character for her presentation. But, she was the only one doing a report on a person of the opposite sex and therefore the only bearded little girl. I was afraid she would be embarrassed, but she seemed fine about it. Frankly, I think we are both thankful for the extra time to prepare.

Am I the only one who is blessed with a family full of "last minute" type kiddos?

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Crazee Juls said...

oh, I'm so glad other friends came in character. I know how fragile little girl feelings are... :) What a bummer that you went to all that trouble for the quick change...and it was moved to Friday...way to go teacher!