Prayer Request ~ DH's Employment

09 April 2009
This is not a big emergency or a family tragedy or anything. I come to you tonight asking if you'd join us in prayer about Dan's employment situation. His job is stressing him out so much, it is just not a good situation. He was recently told about a job opening elsewhere and has put in his application. We are just praying that whether or not he gets the new job, that his work situation improves.

Thank y'all.


Amy B said...

I will pray for a clear answer to come for your DH job issues. My DH is having some issues with his job and everyday is so stressed out and worried, it is just taxing.
I hope the right answer becomes clear.

Crazee Juls said...

I will be in prayer as your hubby makes a decision about his employment..and will pray that some of the stress is lifted. :)