GDA Brookshires Texas Stores ~ Kraft BBQ Sauce

02 May 2009
At Brookshires today I picked up several bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce on sale for .78 with .35 peelies on them. Thanks Lynette for pointing these out on our shopping trip! Anyway, our store doesn't double or triple, so I paid .43 a bottle, still a good deal. If yours does do doubles or triples you can get them for .08 or possibly free, so you might check it out. Heading into BBQ season, it's a great time to stock up!

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Mommy Managing said...

My store is tripling and this coupon produces overage!

I thought it was a good deal at the regular $1.35-$1.05=.30

A few weeks ago, they were on sale for .97-1.05=-.08

Now I'm getting paid .27 each! NICE!