Family Togetherness

29 June 2009

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We had a good weekend. It was a good time spent with family and well, more than friends, just family. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

Friday, Dan grilled supper and we enjoyed a great meal. The four of us just sort of hung out and enjoyed each others company. It was a nice evening.

Late that night, Lynette called us to tell us her CG got robbed at work! Boy, that was a story! You really need to click over and read about it. So, Friday ended in some very much unneeded excitement.

Saturday, we all did a lot of work. Well, Ashley hid with a book every chance she got. I got to enjoy coffee with two of my bestest friends, Marge & Kathy at the cafe. Dan and Tristen mowed and did yard work. I did stuff in the house. Then Dan went over and helped the neighbors out by mowing their lawn. Crazy man did two yards in 105 degree heat! I have a good guy. We ended up hanging out with the bunch across the street all night which was great. They took us out for Mexican food and we just had a great time!

Sunday, Dan had a store meeting at 6am. When he came home, he brought his baby - his 1971 Chevrolet pick up he drove when we were in high school. His parents gave it to him awhile back, but we had been unable to get it home. He washed it, showed it off, and smiled like a kid on Christmas morning all day long. Lynette & company came over to join us for dinner. I ended up burning my hand on a skillet, so she and Dan finished cooking our meal. She's such a doll! She did my dishes and took great care of me! I am so lucky to have her!

It was a great weekend, spending time with the ones you love. Does it get much better than that? Hope you had a great one as well!

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lynette355 said...

I love you
and wanna help where i can

how about dinner tonight
you need any help over there before
we decend!