How To Really Bum Out Your Kids

02 June 2009
They're here. Nope, not poltergeist. The 100 degree plus days that make living in Texas during the summer such a joy. Sunday, we were all just hot and miserable. Much to the kiddos delight we headed to the Family Dollar and brought home a 30 inch deep pool. It's the perfect size for the kids to really have fun in, and big enough for us big people to cool off in as well. I made dinner while Dan set it up and began filling it with water. The pool filled up, the kids suited up, and then it happened. Crash! Boom! A thunderstorm appeared out of nowhere.

The children were so bummed! Their little faces were so sad. They've wanted a bigger pool to splash around in for several summers, we finally get them one, fill it up, then refuse to let them in it! I am sure they thought we were the worst parents ever! They sat on the front porch and gazed longingly at the pool they could now not get into. Luckily, the storm passed fairly quickly and they did get in some pool time.

And everyday since the whole family has had a great time together in that little blue wonder! It may be the best $30 I've spent in years. I just hope it holds up through the summer's daily pool time!

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AudreyO said...

I always wanted one of those pools but never got one. Now the kids are grown and I don't need/want one just for me.