Our Favorite Frugal Breakfast

17 June 2009
Now that the kids are home for summer break, our food consumption has gone up. Both kids had been eating breakfast and lunch at school, so feeding them at home is putting a pinch on our pocket book. By cooking from scratch I have come up with some frugal breakfast solutions. Honestly it's more common sense than anything else. After all, muffins cost much less to make than bacon and eggs. Here are some of our favorite frugal breakfast.

Muffins ~ We love muffins! Oatmeal, apple spice, carrot & raisin, pumpkin, banana, the possibilities are endless. It is easy to find muffin recipes to suit every taste.

Cinnamon toast ~ This with a nice cold glass of milk is one of my kids' favorite breakfast. It's a snap to make and doesn't cost much.

Pancakes and Waffles ~ Both of these are frugal when made from scratch. Whip them up in bulk, then freeze for later use. That way you have homemade toaster waffles at your fingertips.

Kolaches ~ These are one of Dan's favorite breakfast. He would often stop and buy them on the way to work. Making them at home and stocking them in the freezer is a much cheaper way for him to enjoy these savory delights.

Breakfast Burritos ~ This is probably my favorite breakfast. We often pick these up on the weekends at a local taco shop, but making them at home is much more budget friendly. You can let your imagination run wild with these and create your own special burrito. I am a potato ham and cheese girl myself. You can even freeze breakfast burritos to have a handy breakfast ready and waiting.

Coffee Cake or Quick Breads ~ On Sunday mornings we often enjoy something like a coffee cake or strawberry bread. They are so good! The kids think they are getting a special treat, having sweets for breakfast.

These are just some of the frugal breakfast we do. You can save quite a bit of money by just not eating breakfast out, staying away from quick fix foods, and cooking/baking from scratch. It takes a little more time, but when done in bulk can work out to be quite convenient. What are some of your family's favorite breakfast?

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