Kevin Jonas Is Off The Market!

01 July 2009

'CoverCover of Jonas Brothers

Yep, the oldest Jonas Brother is officially engaged to girlfriend Danielle Deleasa. I am sure tween and teen girls across the world are crying into their pillows tonight. Ashley likes the Jonas Brothers, but Kevin is certainly not her favorite. Nick is wayyyy cuter she tells me.

I really hope these youngsters can have a happy life together. They are so young and it seems being in the spotlight is not easy on a marriage. Being in the public eye is certainly not where I'd want to be. Life is hard enough without the whole world being curious about what you are doing.

Anyway, this was major news in this household. Little Miss is a all about what's happening with the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and anything that happens with any Twilight cast member. Little girls are so fun! I can't say much, I wasn't much older than Ashley when NKOTB fever hit like crazy. I still have a box of my fan stuff, including a Jordan Knight doll, in our closet. It must go with the age.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

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Unknown said...

Okay, this is totally going to age me, lol, but Shawn Cassidy! With Donny Osmand and John Travolta right on his heels! lol

Carmen said...

Tom Jones, to my mother's dismay. Hated his swinging hips!

This Real Mommy said...

Scott Baio (Charles in Charge). I know, pretty silly.