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14 August 2009
Do you have lots of bloggy friends? I sure do! I have Lynette, who was a friend before she was bloggy...she lives across the street and I helped get her hooked on blogging. I've met Alysssa in real life, we started our blogs at about the same time and have been friends ever since. Juls I found via Lynette and she came down for a slumber party a few months back, that was fun! I also have so many friends that I exchange tweets, blog comments, and emails with. One thing I love about blogging is that it has brought so many wonderful friendships into my life.

During a recent blog hop carnival, a fellow Texas mom

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blogger left a comment saying we needed a place for all us Texas bloggers to get together. Ya know, like CafeMom for Texas bloggers. I've been think about it ever since and this week got an email that finally helped me figure out what to do. I've created a Blog Frog Community for my blog. You will find it on my right sidebar. I hope this will be a place for Texas bloggers to come together, hang out, talk, share ideas, etc. Plus, Lynette and I are working on a project to get some of us Texas bloggers together in real life, so this will help us figure out how many folks might be interested in that event.

You don't have to from Texas to join. If you enjoy my blog, please come on in and join. I hope this community helps me interact with my readers more. I look forward getting to know you all better. Thanks for reading my ramblings! I can't wait to talk to you all!

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Brittany said...

I'm definitely going to join! I'll be moving back to Texas soon enough and hopefully maybe some day we can have a real life Texas bloggy friend meet up!

TexasBobbi said...

Great Idea, make sure to stop by my blog and grab my new button and check out my new look.

Dian said...

Welcome home!