Middle School Here We Go!

24 August 2009

Sara heads off to Middle SchoolImage by Robert the Noid via Flickr

Both the kids are in middle school this year. Watching Ashley march off with all the big kids, her bottom lip quivering, nearly made this mama cry like a baby. A teacher grabbed her and showed her to her classroom in just the nick of time, I think we were both about to lose it. My baby is growing up so fast!

Tristen was thrilled to be back with his pals. He is a sixth grader this year, so basically the senior class of middle school. He and his buds have plans to rule the school! I am hoping for a better school year this year. His doctor has put him on Concerta for his ADD, which I hope will help him. It's a really low dosage, supposedly just enough to help him concentrate. He's been on several different medications since his add diagnosis, some have been truly awful. I am very optimistic that this will help and not produce nasty side effects.

So, a new school year has begun. We go back to routines and schedules, busy mornings, after school snacks, and homework. I love this time of year, seeing the kids make new friends, face new challenges, grow and develop as they rapidly lose their childishness and are turning into tweens and one almost a teen. Time sure flies! I am trying to embrace every minute I have with them as children.

How was your day?

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Crazee Juls said...

I'd have to say my day was pretty much identical :)...it's so bittersweet watching your children grow up.

Frugal Vicki said...

I'm not there yet, it seems like it is coming too soon, though. This year made me sad watching all the kids go to school, knowing this is the last year my son will be with me all the time!

Dian said...

Pretty good! I forgot about school starting until I almost blew through a school zone!