Day of Discontent

27 September 2009
I have officially named today the day of discontent. Everyone seems to be on edge and tempers are on a very short fuse. Myself, I can't seem to complete one whole task, rather am flitting from project to project. It is making for a day of accomplishing very little. We are trying to spruce up the house and yard in preparation for family coming to visit next weekend. Ashley's birthday party will be in six days, so things have to be perfect. Well, not perfect because it will never be that, but I am hoping for a really good day. I am trying to rally the troops and get things done, but the kids keep hiding from their chores. I think the little miss figures I'll finally get aggravated enough that I'll end up taking care of her room for her. She is sadly mistaken, as I have enough on my own plate. Dan is actually the only one on his game, managing to really make the yard look great. Me, I am just leaving a wake of half done chores behind me. I figure tomorrow, when I am alone is when I'll be my most productive. Anyway, it's just been a very strange day. I wish we were all in better moods. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Have a great Sunday!


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