Home Free Treats Review

04 September 2009
Food allergies are a big problem for many families. Nut, egg, milk, and all sorts of other allergies can make finding treats that your kids can enjoy a real challenge. My dear friend Melly's son has food allergies and we often discuss how he misses some of the "goodies" his siblings get to eat. If only there was a great tasting treat that met his dietary requirements! I was thrilled to find out that such a product existed when I was asked to review Home Free Treats. We were sent Organic Chocolate Chip and Organic Chocolate Chip Mini cookies to try. I figured my kids would be great taste testers. They have no allergies, but if kids who were not used to eating allergen free, organic, healthy snacks approved...well I figured most kids would.

Tristen tried the first cookies and was a bit wary. He said the texture was different. But, upon his second bite he said that they tasted really good. With a glass of milk, he really enjoyed the cookie as an afternoon snack. With Ashley, it was love at first bite. She devoured her cookie and then several of the mini cookies. She informed me we should buy these cookies instead of Oreos. This is high praise indeed! So,m the kids gave them two thumbs up!

I really enjoyed the cookies. They are not overly sweet like a lot of regular store bought cookies are. They have a lovely spice to them, which was a nice change from your everyday chocolate chip cookie. My neighbor Lynette really loved the mini cookies. She loved that 6 cookies had 8 grams of whole grain per serving, only 140 calories, and much less sugar than many "100 calorie cookie packs". We both thought they were much more satisfying than other "low cal" cookie snack options, making them great for those of us watching what we eat. We both think we would buy these rather than the low cal cookies we've snacked on before.They are much more filling and frankly taste a whole lot better. They have closer to a homemade flavor than any cookie you can buy in a store, which was a pleasant surprise. So, the adults give it two thumbs up as well!

So, if you are looking for an organic, peanut free, tree nut free, egg free, dairy free snack option I urge you to check out Home Free Treats. They are a fantastic snack option not just for those with allergies, but for all of us. These are treats you can truly feel good about when you give them to your children.