A Bit About Podunk

06 October 2009

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Some of y'all have asked about the town I live in. Well, it's your typical small Texas town. The main industry is dairy farming and ranching. The population is about 3,400 people. We have a down town area, complete with courthouse square, antique shops, and cute eateries.

Then there is all the exciting stuff going on! For instance, the place to go around here is the Sonic Drive In. I stopped by there on the way to the shop this morning to grab a Mocha Chip Java Chiller, but their ice cream machine was broken. Don't laugh, it's as close to Starbucks as I can get y'all. While I was sitting there sipping my Diet Coke with diet cherry and diet lime, a lady pulled up next to me that I swear to you was Dana Delaney's twin. I had to do a double take. She ordered water and a breakfast sandwich with no bread. Guess that's why she looks like Dana Delaney.

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Oh and I have to share with you the great deals to be had here in Podunk! The hardware store has a huge lit sign that says the special of the month is shotgun shells. If you need any, they are a good deal. Other places to shop are Family Dollar, Dollar General, and Alco which we refer to as the way over priced mini Wally World. We have one grocery store and approximately 25 convenience stores. We even have two Allsup's, so if you are needing a greasy burrito fix, we can hook you up!

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Don't y'all want to jump in your cars and come visit? I am not making fun of my home, I swear. It's just life is very different out here in the sticks. A year later and some things are still catching me off guard. Like the headline on the paper after the 4th of July fireworks that read "Speculator Fireworks". What the heck does "speculator" mean? Is it short for spectacular spectator? Beats me. Scarier still is that not many people noticed this little typo. How do you not notice that?

Anyway, life is just a bit different here in my neck of the woods. It's nice because things at a slower pace, we don't have a lot of crime, and you know pretty much everyone. I still really miss Starbucks though.

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Michelle said...

Well, maybe I can make you feel a little bit better ~ at least you have a Sonic. My little town HAD a Sonic, but in recent economic times it closed...yes, Sonic closed! No more Happy Hour Route 44 Diet Cokes to be had!!!

Loving your blog, BTW.

TexasBobbi said...

I bet I could guess where you live with a few more clues, and of how I miss Allsups burritos.