10 Little Things that Lead to a Happier, Healthier You

29 April 2010
TwitterMoms and Tropicana Trop50 are having a blogging program to be eligible to win 6 free Juicy Rewards points and a $30 gift card, so I thought I would participate and share some of the things I do to try to live healthy. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

So, 10 Little Things I Do To Live a Happier, Healthier Life. none of this is very creative or profound, but every little bit helps, right?
  1. I exercise with my Wii fit at least 4 times a week. This is something i had gotten out of the habit of doing, and I am so glad I started up again. It really does make me feel better.
  2. I drink 10 glasses of water a day. This one is so hard for me because I truly do not like water, but I feel much better when I get my water in.
  3. I've replaced all the sugary snacks in our house with fruits, veggies, nuts, and sometimes yogurt. The kids didn't complain about it nearly as much as i thought they would.
  4. Open up the windows and let some fresh air and sunshine in! This does wonders for lifting your spirits!
  5. Better yet, I go outside a play with my kids. I try really hard to get the kids to spend at least an hour a day outside playing. I figure we need to take advantage of the beautiful weather before the triple digit heat hits!
  6. Getting enough sleep is something I'm trying really hard to do. I have major insomnia, so this is hard for me. But, my body just doesn't function well on 2 hours of sleep, so I'm trying to get to bed at a decent hour.
  7. Relax and take time for yourself. This could be as simple as taking a bubble bath with your favorite chick lit novel. I don't take care of me near enough, but I'm working on it.
  8. Just dance! yes, nothing lifts my mood quite like shaking my booty around the house. It makes you feel better and makes you move all at the same time!
  9. Eating breakfast. This is something I am so bad about. I've been making myself eat breakfast the past few weeks and it has made a huge difference in how I feel. I've got to keep this up and stop skipping meals!
  10. Don't sweat the small stuff. The dishes can wait if my kids want to play Monopoly with Mom. Staying stressed over littler things doesn't help and definitely hurts how I feel. Letting go can be awesome!
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Trop50 Little Things for Happy, Healthy Living
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I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Tropicana Trop50 blogging program to be eligible to win 6 free Juicy Rewards points and a $30 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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