I Can't Be the Only One

06 July 2010
It's time to admit it, I'm a TwiHard or a Twilight Mom or whatever the proper term is. You should have seen me on Thursday when I finally caved and made my way to the neighboring town to see Eclipse. I turned into a 30 year old fan girl. I can't tell you when I was last so excited to see a movie, well over a decade ago I'm sure. Anyway, my best friend and I headed to the movie and had a blast!

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I discovered the Twilight Saga later than a lot of folks I think. Somehow I had slept through all the hoopla surrounding the books. On Thanksgiving of 2008, my awesome sister in law took Ashley and I to the movies to see Twilight. I had no idea what it was about. Being clueless made that first viewing highly entertaining. I came home and immediately sought out the books, and devoured them. I then shared them with Ashley, my mom, even my stepfather. They are not the most wonderful thing I've ever read, but we all need to escape into a book every now and then. Twilight is a great escape for me.

The draw for me is not Bella and Edward. Frankly, I'd be much happier with less of the love triangle and more back-story on everyone else. I am a fan of the other Cullen boys. Give me some Jasper and Emmett, they make me a happy girl. Jasper's story fascinates me and I so wish the author would expand on it more. I would much rather read a book on him than Bree Tanner. As for Emmett, he strikes me as the protective big brother we all wish we had. His adorable personality drew me in right away and he quickly became my favorite character in the series.

I loved the Eclipse movie because we got to see more of Jasper. He said "My apologies ma'am." and I melted into a puddle of goo. But, I just love Jackson Rathbone. He is an amazing actor and I look forward to seeing great things from him in the future. Check out the episode of Criminal Minds he guest stars in; he creeped me out big time! As for Kellan Lutz, do I even need to explain? Have you seen him? I really admire all the humanitarian work he does. He seems like a very down to earth guy and I am very impressed with how good he is to his fans. I look forward to seeing him as Poseidon. I can see him being the next big thing in action movies.

Okay, I'll quit gushing now. Some friends and I were just discussing this the other day and I know we are not the only 30 somethings that are fans. We are not alone! My husband doesn't get it, some of my friends don't get it, but I know some of you out in bloggy land understand. So, are you a fan?

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mean mom productions said...

I am a twilight mom..though I haven't read the books yet. I am still trying to watch new moon. I got a copy from the library a few weeks ago. I didn't get to watch it. Then got another copy of it. It's missing the movie dvd. I got special features..but I want the movie.

If you like twilight then you may like the house of night series by the Cast authors..

Unknown said...

I hope I don't make you feel alone but no, I'm not a fan. I'm sure others will support your love for all things Edward or what's the other guy's name???

Unknown said...

I had to read the posting you referenced and you're adorable. Your enthusiasm bleeds through your typed words. I am glad to share this part of your life with you.