The Boys of Fall

29 September 2010
As most of you know, I live in a very small Texas town. Here nothing excited us more during the fall is Friday night high school football. I grew up in Brownwood, TX where legendary coach Gordon Wood led the Lions to victory for years. He was an amazing man who I grew to know and love as a teenager. Anyway, high school football is a big deal around here. It doesn't matter if you have a kid on the team or not, the whole community heads out to the game and supports our team. Being in the stands for these games on a crisp autumn night is one of my favorite things.

Now that we live in Podunk, I've tried to get into the local football scene. Seems I spend most Friday nights listening to my beloved Lions play on the radio rather than heading down to the local stadium. I think it's part of being Brownwood born and  raised, I swear I bleed maroon. But, now my Thursdays are occupied by football too. You see, I have my own "boy of fall".

See number 41? That is my own little Warrior. And I have turned into that scary football mom. You know, the one who yells too loud and questions the refs calls. I love that Tris has such a love for football. It's something the two of us share. My husband cannot stand football. But, even he has started trying to learn and get into it. Who knew football could help a family reconnect? It has been a fantastic experience for all of us. Tris is working harder than he ever had in his life.

So, on Thursdays I'm the crazy proud Warrior football mom and on Fridays I'm the die hard Brownwood Lions fan glued to my radio.

Is football a big deal in your neck of the woods?



Anonymous said...

The football team in my town is historically BAD but this year they have only lost one time. Its a banner year for the Eagles and the town is all over it. I have always loved football too and the hubs played on the last Sectional winning team. He has always wanted the boys to play but I think I stepped in and turned them all into swimmers like their mama. Have fun football mom!

Midwinter Graces said...

I live in a Friday Night Lights town. Football is a a religion around these parts. Beginning in kindergarten, the thing to do is join Wolfpack. If you're a boy, you play football. If you're a girl, you cheer. I live near the stadium where these hundreds of kids practice every week - kids probably not old enough to walk to the bus stop on thier own are out there in pads and helmets, hitting eachother. (Flags? What flags?)

We were the second sponsored high school stadium in the country - our stadium isn't owned by the high school, though it sits on the property. THAT'S how big a deal it is around here.

Though, you know, with all the emphasis placed on football and cheer, it'd be nice if either team took home a championship once in awhile...I'm just saying.

lynette355 said...

Texas bleeds football! And I am so thrilled that your part of the night life again!