Kindle and the Tween, Bathtub Woes

03 January 2012
So, Little Miss received a Kindle Fire for Christmas from her Papa Mack. She was beyond thrilled, as was I. I've never seen a child that likes to read so much. Her teachers are in awe of her, not just the frequency at which she reads, but the level she reads at and her comprehension. She and the Kindle have been pretty much inseparable since the day she got it. Talk a bout a gift being a win!

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Anyway, she falls asleep with the Kindle, either reading or listening to Pandora, or both. I have no issue with this and we've had no problems until tonight. I had put her to bed at the normal time, so imagine my shock when she walks into the living room in tears. The little toot had apparently been on Facebook for hours. I was less than pleased. I had checked on her once and she'd been hunkered down under the covers. I figured she was deep into her newest ebook. It never entered my mind she was online. So, we had to have a talk about this. I don't want to tell her not to read and take it away from her at night, but it may be inevitable. I guess I need to investigate parental controls for the little gadget. I never thought about a Kindle being a device that needed monitoring. Wake up call, Mom!
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In other news, my bathtub is so jacked up. Little Miss showered at 6:15am. There is still half a inch of water in the tub. I got Drano to fix it. Guess what? It says there needs to be no standing water. Um, isn't that why I have Drano? so, it's nearly midnight and 'm waiting to unclog my bathtub. I lead such an exciting life.

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Denea said...

Sounds like she really is loving the Kindle. Best of luck with the parental controls and the tub! Everything will work out eventually.

NetWorkingWitches said...

Quite honestly I have tried to put the kabosh on my "want" for a Kindle, but it may get the best of me. I know my it will spread to the rest of the family and we'll have all new media.

The clog thing aggravates me. We have old pipes here and it seems I'm punging or Drano-ing them monthly.