The Chronicles of Gabriel Alistair

20 June 2012
Recently I shared with you all how very much I was looking forward to the release of the Questionable Endings Trilogy. There have been some changes to the series and it is now The Chronicles of Gabriel Alistair (Questionable Endings Novella Series). Instead of three books we now have have a series of novellas that I cannot wait to get my hands on! I am thrilled to be able to share with my readers a sneak peak at this exciting series! 

The sword sliced along my skin, leaving me dripping with venom as a low rumble began in my chest. I kept my eyes locked with the woman and stood my ground. I had enough of the playing games and nice because she was human and carrying a sword. I let a hiss cross my lips and received an arched brow in return. Slowly I let my gift leak out. First, giving her a sense of trusting me and when I saw her posture slacken, I began with the fear. Inch by grueling inch, I let it consume her until I had complete control of her emotions. I watched as her lips fell into a smirk, one that I would eventually adopt as my own.

“Your name?” I asked as I stood from my defensive position. I could feel the wave of wonder pass through the ranks. They were wondering exactly what was going on and why the commander was shaking like a leaf.

I didn’t need to come in here as a newborn; I needed to come in here as myself. Show my worth in hand to hand combat and move up the ranks quickly and efficiently. Now I knew that and what Custodio had to hide with me, I didn’t care for an answer.

“Your name?” I growled out.

“Chastity,” she replied. I could see that she was trying to fight my gift, readjusting the sword in her hand. “You’re gifted?”

I could feel the mild shock flowing from her as I nodded and then a flow of curiosity mixed with fear.

“You’re a trained soldier already?”

“I am,” I stated as I walked over to her and grabbed the sword from her hand. I let it fall to my feet and I gripped onto her throat, lifting her so that she was eye-level with me. “I was sent to kill you, Chastity…”

I didn’t care if she knew what my purpose was while I was here. I gave her the option to watch her back as I lifted my gift away from her and set her back on her feet. I needed an alliance. What better way to get it with my maker’s enemy?

“I’m not here to prove that I can do it. I already know I can.” I said as I turned away from her.

I locked my eyes with Ethan in the small crowd and he nodded at me. It was a small gesture but it told me what I needed to know. If I were to give Chastity the whole story, I would become her second in command. That also showed me another thing that I had been pondering. Ethan was gifted. He didn’t want to show me before but I knew why now. He needed to make it into the camp for another purpose. What that purpose was, I don’t know.

I could hear as Chastity picked up her sword and sheathed it.

“I need an alliance, Chastity,” I said as I turned on my heel and faced her. “Either you agree after you have heard what I’ve to say or I can always finish what I came here to do. The choice is yours.”

“Follow me, Gabriel,” she motioned for me to follow her. “The rest of you begin your training.”

I followed closely behind Chastity and into the small cloth tent that was on the far side of the field. As the flap closed she turned on her heel and faced me with an expectant look on her face.

“I turn you into one of us and when you are needed, you will help me take down my sire.”

I walked around the tent, letting my hands brush over the commodities and luxuries of being a commander. The things were nice, simple and never too extravagant. As I finished the circle around the tent, I stepped right in front of her.

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