The #DewCrew

03 July 2012
I'm a huge NASCAR fan. I never had been, then one day years ago the bug bit and I was hooked. Everyone has their favorite driver, but there is one thing we agree on; the epicness of Dale Earnhardt Jr. How can you not love this guy? He is an amazing driver and I've been a fan for years.

When the opportunity came to be part of the Dew Crew, I jumped at it. What is #DewCrew? It's a Facebook group of #88 fans who get to help call the shots on things that happen with the #88. Want to help pick the color scheme for the #88 car? Then this group is for you! #DewCrew is bringing the fans closer to the action by letting them provide input and letting them see the result of their opinions on the track. #DewCrew is the voice of the fans. Plus, #DewCrew gives you the chance to earn points that can be redeemed for cool prizes. Who doesn't like swag?

 Want to be part of the action yourself? Head on over to Facebook and check it out or click below to join #DewCrew.

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