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05 November 2012
Not long ago I shared with you about fanfic authors and readers pulling together to support a great cause. Fandom for Preemies is one such group, uniting forces to help support the March of Dimes. Ayden K. Morgen, author of Fade, was nice enough to send over the following info about this great cause. Please check it out!

Fandom for Preemies is once again supporting the March of Dimes in their global fight to end preterm birth and infant death. Each year, 13 million children are born too soon, and 1 million of them will not survive their first year. One in four will suffer serious life-long medical complications that jeopardize their chance for a normal childhood.

From October 1st to November 20th, fanfiction and original fiction authors, as well as graphic artists, can sign on to help support the cause by writing a story, donating a raffle item, or volunteering to make a banner for authors. The sign-up link is:

Anyone who donates a minimum of $5 to the March of Dimes through November 30th and forwards their receipt to will receive a compilation of stories, as well as be entered into random giveaways of raffle items, such as autographed books, etc. Donations can be made to the Fandom for Preemies virtual band on the March of Dimes website here:, or via any other donation method to the March of Dimes.

In addition, the Iron Pen Challenge will host a two-week challenge as part of Fandom for Preemies beginning on November 10th. Those who participate in the challenge will have their submissions included in the Compilation. One participant will also win an autographed copy of Fade. Challengers will have an opportunity to help support the March of Dimes through a write-a-thon in which they can recruit people (or businesses) to donate to the March of Dimes on their behalf.

A pledge, for instance, might donate .2 cents for every 1,000 words an author writes as part of the Challenge. There are no minimums on pledge amounts or on word counts as part of the Challenge, so everyone has the opportunity to engage others in giving back to the March of Dimes. One write-a-thon participant will win a $10 Amazon card. Challengers do not have to participate in the write-a-thon, though we hope everyone will opt to help support the March of Dimes in this way.

Information on the Challenge and the sign-up forms for the Challenge and the write-a-thon are at:

For more information on Fandom for Preemies, the March of Dimes, and how you can help, please visit or email the team at


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