JJ Heller's Loved Review and Giveaway

12 March 2013

Loved. It's a powerful word. Do you feel loved? Do you remember that no matter what, there is someone who loves us, there waiting with open arms? JJ Heller's new album, Loved, gives us all a little reminder. This CD hits stores today. I was lucky enough to get my copy a little early so I could share my thoughts with y'all.

About JJ Heller and Loved:
When JJ Heller and her husband/co-writer, Dave, began writing for their sixth studio album LOVED, life looked a few shades darker, more painful and confusing than it had during the work on their work of the recent past. Over the past few years, the duo steered much of their material toward the whimsical and simple joys of life, love and new parenthood. But, when confronted by illness, death and broken marriages within their community, the Hellers chose to stay true to the weight of their season of life when crafting lyrics this time around.
I was not familiar with JJ Heller's work until this album showed up, but I became a fan within minutes. I have listened to Loved time and again the past few days. JJ's voice is both soothing and uplifting all at once. The lyrics are powerful and uplifting. I found myself encouraged and at peace while listening to the words. I truly enjoyed this collection of songs.

JJ's style is unique. Quiet yet with a bit of a raw edge that I absolutely adore. Check out this video for Who You Are, one of my favorite songs on the disc.

Learn more about JJ here:

Want a copy of Loved for yourself? I have one copy to give to a lucky reader! Enter via Rafflecopter below.


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Daniel M said...

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