When In Doubt, Go With Stevie Nicks

07 January 2014
English: Stevie Nicks in concert
English: Stevie Nicks in concert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today was a good day at work. Cuddling with a snuggly six month old is a pretty peaceful way to spend your day. If only he'd been a cuddle bug all day. Lately, my little charge, who I call Little Bear, has been fighting his naps hardcore. There's shrieking and pulling out of the pacifier and just general loudly expressed unhappiness while trying to rub his whole face off with tiny fists. Not my idea of fun. So, a lot of my day was spent walking the floor, rocking the Little Bear, and singing softly until he conked out.

I run out of lullabies real quick these days, I guess it's just been too long. Anyway, today was the day of Stevie Nicks. I guess that's because I'm so excited about seeing her on American Horror Story. Or maybe it's simply because the woman is amazing and I love her. Either way, nap time today was brought to us by Rhiannon and Edge of Seventeen. Thank you, Stevie.

Anyone else pumped about watching Misty Day meet her idol on American Horror Story? This season has blown me away! There are some parts of it I simply don't like at all, but the cast is just stellar! I really enjoyed the first season, watched it like crazy over one weekend. The second season I am still trying to get through and am not sure I will. It bothers me. Maybe because they maimed Adam Levine first thing and this saddened me. Maybe it's because the whole season is a little twisted. All the seasons have been twisted. Anyway, I'm excited about the show resuming tomorrow!

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