Under Pressure

03 March 2014
Crisis (Photo credit: Neil T)
Once upon a time a beautiful country girl was sitting on the porch of a lovely lake home, chatting on the telephone with her best friend who lived across the country. The conversation wasn't particularly important, but they always enjoyed speaking to one another about pretty much anything. City Girl told Country Girl there was a fox coming toward her. There was no chance for Country Girl to reply before there's a clatter, what sounds like a growl, and maybe a yelp. Country Girl is screaming into the phone when City Girl pics back up and calmly explains she's been attacked by a fox. Her voice never even changes pitch as she tells Country Girl she dropped the phone while punching said fox in the head and she will call back after going tot he emergency room. City Girl is cool as a cucumber, Country Girl is near hysterical. Yes, that happened. Foxes don't normally willingly come toward people and that particular rabid fox attacked three people total in my best friend's neighborhood that day. City Girl never got overly worked up over it, not during the attack, the treatment, or the medical bills that came after. She is the epitome of grace under pressure.

I cannot say the same. In that situation I was a wreck listening over the phone. Kids slamming fingers in car doors, tripping and splitting lips, anything that involves blood freaks me out. High fevers do it too. Severe storms as well. Pretty much if it involves blood, risk, danger, anything like that I get worked up into quite a state. This is something I need to work on because being a nervous wreck is not good for anyone or even the slightest bit helpful. Let's chalk it up to my never ending quest to calm and stress less in general.

How are you under pressure? Cool and graceful, or wound tighter than an eight day clock? 

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