Did they really think that was Harry?

20 June 2014
English: Prince Harry at a 2009 charity match ...
English: Prince Harry at a 2009 charity match at , London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I consider reality television almost a guilty pleasure. Some I love, love I hate. Some of the families on these shows I adore, others I want to hit the mute button on. I mean really, don't some reality TV stars leave you with your mouth hanging open a little? Snooki anyone? I never even watched that show, but know who she is and that's not a good thing in this case. There's the good, bad, and ugly in this genre, just like with anything else.

One new show has me doing the mouth hanging open thing. I Wanna Marry Harry. This show has 12 beautiful American women travel to the UK to compete for the attention of a Prince Harry look alike. Thus far the dude hasn't said he's Harry, but the show has gone to great lengths to make it seem like he just could be the handsome royal. I have been watching the show on Hulu, which I guess is good because Fox axed the show from their line up. Apparently the ratings were awful. My guess as to why is the same reason I'm writing this post; what are these women thinking? Some of them are highly educated. I don't have a master's degree, but does it really take a genius to realize the royal family is not going to let a potential heir to the throne use a reality television show as a potential dating pool? To be fair, not all the women believed he was the prince, but some did. Some REALLY did. The guy, Matt Hicks, is a cutie and a seems like he'd be a catch even though he's not a royal. It seems one lady thought so, as she walked away with him instead of slapping him across the face. Will they be the new Trista and Ryan? I guess we will see.

What are your thoughts? Am I the only one who questions how these women actually believed this?


Erin said...

I haven't seen this show but I was wondering the exact same thing! BTW, I used to live in Austin. I miss Texas!

Blush and Barbells said...

They probably didn't believe it, but the dumber they act, the more screen time they get!