December already?

01 December 2015

Time sure does fly! I have been an absolute fail at blogging this year. Work, school, motherhood, and attempting a social life have kept me pretty busy. I am desperately hoping to find some balance and be here more often. I miss writing here and interacting with my readers.

Anyway, I want to say happy first of December to you all! While bustling around preparing for Christmas, I am trying to spread joy and kindness every day, not just the 25th. There is nothing quite like bringing a smile to a stranger's lips. After seeing some of the disgusting news reports about people behaving so terribly during Black Friday shopping, I realized we need more kindness in this world. I mean, I knew this, but that drove it home.

So, watch this video. It will give you the warm fuzzies and maybe bring a tear to your eye. I want to be one of these kind of people, not the ones snatching sale deals out of the hands of babes.

Have a blessed night, y'all!

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